Welcome, Boyz, Queenz and Ghouls! C’MON IN!

Are you a reader/follower of A SPLATTER OF LAVENDER, from the former Facebook page? If you are…WELCOME HOME!  This is the ‘blogazine’s’ new home, where we can now feel free to give you the kind of content you REALLY crave, along with the previous features: news, reviews and interviews, all encompassing the latest efforts of writers, artists, performers and other creators of new and original GLBT-themed horror!

And what ELSE do we have for you?

As the esteemed Dr. Furter would put it: “That’s a rather TENDER subject! Care for another slice?”


Published by: dcscribe8860

From the first time, at age eight, when he saw little Rhoda Penmark’s evil ass get taken out by a lightning bolt in THE BAD SEED, Sam Glass Jr. has been freaked out by lightning…and completely captivated by horror. The son of an Air Force communications specialist and a government worker, he’s been a writer and sometime actor, and his biggest claim to fame is getting to appear in a John Waters movie, CECIL B. DEMENTED, in 2000. His biggest passion is reviewing horror films and attending conventions, and overall favorite movie is PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE. Currently, he resides in the city of Las Vegas with his partner of twenty years.

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